Links für den Deutschunterricht

Travel and Culture

Why Learn German / Language

Words can change the world: how language learning deepens connection :Louka Parry 

Deutsch für die Zukunft: stories and testimonials

Resource Websites for Teachers

Resources and games on many topics
Tes Connect: 
Resources and powerpoints on many topics
Nancy Thuleen’s Grammar Pages
German Teacher Resources: 
A collection of resources on many topics

Radio and News

SBS daily German language programs

Deutsche Welle Nachrichten

German Language Learning Websites

Goethe Institut Irland: 
Goethe Instituts around the world offer thousands of units of work, video programs and resources
Deutsche Welle: Deutsch Lernen
An extensive website with videos and written resources
Create vocabulary sets for students on any topic
Create fun interactive games for students to recycle and revise language
Easy German Channel: 
Videos in German with English Subtitles
Languages Online Victoria: 
Online games on a range of topics
German Word of the Day: 
Subscribe and be sent a new word to learn every day
GCSE Bitesize: 
A resource from the BBC for senior students revising for examinations
Slow German: 
Slow podcasts on a variety of topics
Lyrics Gaps: 
Learn German through songs and lyrics
Nicos Weg A1: 
A video course from DW about Nico’s adventures in Berlin.
Nicos Weg A2:
A video course from DW about Nico’s adventures in Berlin.
Mein Weg nach Deutschland: 
Information about living and working in Germany with a video course for learning German